Christian Education 

First Lady's Scripture Memorization  Ministry- This ministry was introduced by our First Lady (Hon) Elder Fern Flanagan Saddler in 2010.  Each month, we are introduced to a "relevant to the day" scripture or biblical passage  for memory. At the end of each year, congregants have an opportunity to recite the scriptures they have memorized and to put the chosen scripture or passage into context.

"Point of Grace" Virtual Ministry-"Point of Grace Virtual Ministry" (Connecting the Dots) Bible Questions and Discussion Group is a ministry created by Rev. Dr. Paul H. Saddler, Senior Pastor of Twelfth Street Christian Church. “Point of Grace Virtual Ministry” focuses on issues that currently impact the work of the local Church. “Point of Grace” will meet every Wednesday evening from 7 P.M. to 8 P.M., beginning May 27-July 10, 2020.  "Point of Grace Virtual Ministry" is an open forum that offers discussions regarding the current crisis of Corona Virus19 and other critical happenings through the mediums of personal feelings, Scripture, prayer, and devotions. This is an open form and confidential support circle of believers that welcomes input from multiple perspectives.  Guest Pastors drop in from time to time to share their perspectives while participants from various Disciple and other Protestant Churches share their concerns. Using a group process type round table format, topics are discussed from Biblical perspectives and other points of interest. Prayers, thoughts of interest, and questions are welcomed.  Our goal is to try and make sense of how this Pandemic will ultimately impact our understanding of life and its uncertainty and how we weave Christian thought into this immediate crisis.


Improv with Nia  (Youth) Virtual Ministry- (In Recess) Improv with Nia Graham- is a virtual class with our youth held on every other Monday evening and is facilitated by Actress Nia Graham.  The class explores the issues of life through Improvisation. Please download ZOOM to any electronic device.  To enter you must use these credentials:  Meeting ID: 739 2878 8718   Password: 8uVenB




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