The Elders of Twelfth Street Christian Church


Vandy L. Miller, Presiding Elder 


In keeping with New Testament disciplines and in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, the Board of Elders helps to promote the spiritual  growth and welfare of Twelfth Street Christian Church by giving thoughtful consideration to the Pastor's overall Vision and the fulfilment of God's plan for our church.   The Board of Elders serve as the senior spiritual conscience of the Church helping  to guide the church toward the fulfillment of its missionary work, evangelical duties, educational requirements, and stewardship responsibilities.   The Elders preside at the  Lord's Table as the Pastor serves as Celebrant at our Communion Service. The Elders provide guidance, leadership and direction to the religious affairs of the Congregation and takes concern in the spiritual life of its members; and calls upon those who are sick, confined, or in periods of grief or trouble.







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