"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33.

Purpose -Twelfth Street Christian Church will provide emergency food relief for needy residents of Washington, DC. THE EMERGENCY FOOD MINISTRY is sponsored by the Disciple Men's Ministry of Twelfth Street Christian Church.

Mission -The mission of the EMERGENCY FOOD MINISTRY is to provide temporary emergency relief for individuals and families in need of food and to provide referral information to agencies that can respond to their immediate needs.

Policy - Twelfth Street Christian Church is dedicated to the well-being of all of God's family. Twelfth Street Christian Church does not practice discrimination in any form, under any circumstances or for any reason. Therefore, all applicants that qualify and meet the mission's standards are eligible for the emergency food program. It is at the discretion of the President of the Men' Disciple Ministry and the Pastor to take special cases under consideration. However, all distribution of services must be carried out according to proper procedure.

Procedures - A personal file is created for each individual and client. In order to receive assistance, clients must be 18 years old and ascending. No children can receive services without a custodial parent present. Each individual must provide proper identification in order to receive services. A Giant Food Market Gift Card/Safeway Food Gift Card is given to client for emergency use and a list of agencies to assist them to meet their needs. This is an emergency program that temporarily provides food cards for clients who can prove need. A signature is required when services are rendered. Pastoral counseling is available upon request. A referral will be provided and follow-up information filed on each client.

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